A major purpose of the LHS Website is to encourage and assist in research into Lawrence Hargrave and his contributions to Aviation.

Three scholars stand out in the research, and links are given to their major short works on Hargrave.

Cecil W. Salier, Lawrence Hargrave: A Prelude to Biography Delivered before the Society, November 27, 1928.

T.C. Roughley, The Aeronautical Work of Lawrence Hargrave Technological Museum, Sydney, 1937.

W. Hudson Shaw is the chief biographer of Lawrence Hargrave. His main published work is:
W. Hudson Shaw & Olaf Ruhen, ‘Lawrence Hargrave – Explorer, Inventor & Aviation Experimenter’. Cassell Australia Ltd 1977.

Two further articles by W. Hudson Shaw are included in this website:
 Lawrence Hargrave – an Appreciation Journal and Proceedings, Royal Society of New South Wales, Vol. 96, pp. 17-30, 1963.
 Lawrence Hargrave - The Forgotten Man Paper read to the Royal Society of NSW on Wednesday, 4 May 1994.

Another authority on Lawrence Hargrave is Ian Debenham, Curator - Transport from Powerhouse Museum Sydney.

He dicusses Hargraves Role in the Development of the Successful Aeroplane

Read an extract from Octave Chanute who wrote the authoritative book for the early 1890s,  Progress in Flying Machines, and gave Hargrave 14 pages, with the famous quote that Hargrave, above all others, deserved to fly at that time.


Addresses to the Royal Society of NSW - A list of Journal articles



Wind Beneath his Wings - Lawrence Hargrave at Stanwell Park 

available for purchase from the Lawrence Hargrave Society.


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